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Before winter arrives and the snow starts to pile up, selecting the proper ski and snowboard rack is a must. There is a plethora of carriers on the market today for storing skis, snowboards, boots, and additional gear outside the vehicle, allowing passengers inside more freedom of movement and comfort. Some racks are simply designed; others are part of a system that can be used for a variety of sports. They are built to fit all types of cars, including small compacts, SUVs, and minivans. Some carriers are easily mounted to the vehicle, while others may have to be professionally installed. The racks can be attached to trailer hitches, roofs, windows, or the trunk of the car.

Types of Ski and Snowboard Racks

There are four basic types of ski and snowboard racks to choose from, including the rooftop rack, the hitch mount, magnetic and 4×4 ski roof racks. Each holds unique characteristics that users can benefit from when transporting their skis or snowboards to and from the slopes.

Magnetic ski & board roof racks

Best choice


Magnetic ski roof racks have been developed as a cheap, versatile alternative to traditional ski racks. They use a combination of magnetism and suction cups to create an immovable hold on the roof of a vehicle with a smooth steel roof. I. Most vehicles can accommodate two racks, increasing carrying capacity. Each rack holds two pairs of skis or one snowboard.

Roof bar ski and board racks

Traditional choice


The roof rack is very versatile, made to fit skis and boards of all sizes, and also to accommodate other types of gear such as bicycles and kayaks. Skis are positioned in locking, rubber-coated arms and secured with a fastener, where they are held firmly in place on top of the vehicle. Factory-installed roof racks provide different options, such as side rails, mounting points, and crossbars. If no roof rack is included, the buyer will need to purchase a separate own rack system.

Hitch or tow bar ski & board rack

Strong solution


The hitch rack can be attached to most cars equipped with a hitch mount. Hitches are classified according to how much weight they can support, so it is important to know what size hitch is compatible with the vehicle doing the transporting. Most require a Class II or Class III hitch. Hitch racks are convenient for loading skis and boards. Not only are they situated at eye level, some can also swing open or fold down to stay out of the way while a person is accessing the trunk or hatch.

Ski & board roof racks for 4x4

Special choice


Rear ski rack for all off-road vehicles with spare wheel on the back. The rack on the rear spare wheel of the off-road vehicles that accompanies you in all seasons and everywhere in a safe, comfortable way and easily to be used by the entire family!